mình hay làm kiểu đổi ngôn ngữ sang tiêng anh -> request -> dòng 2 -> Spam 7 lần nội dung nàyDear Facebook Support, First of all, I would like to apologize for having my account restricted lately, it means I was violating the policy. I try to comply as much as I can, so my violation of the policy makes me ashamed and I want to apologize, I don’t intentionally cause any problems with the platform, I’m a fan major Facebook platform. I have read through the policy guidelines to try to find out what I violated and I believe a mistake may have been made. Although I have had a few compliance issues in the past, I have cleaned up my pages and campaigns a lot, and am running a complaint campaign until today when I disable it. Also, my business manager has had no advertising issues for the past 30 days. After turning it off, I logged back in and found out that my account was restricted, so I guess I’m a bit confused about what happened. Once again, I take responsibility for anything I may have done. In the future, I will double-check that all aspects of my campaign are in compliance with Facebook’s policies, from my ad copy to the product page. So when my account is closed, what steps can I take to get my account reactivated and get another chance? I have also completed an e-learning design for advertising. Thank you for your time, please let me know if I need more information and I look forward to your feedback. Have a nice day!spam trong 2-3 ngày là về